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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 17, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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you can't move, none of that is movable, so you can't -- nothing flows. >> sean: he thinks he's going to be president. if he is we're really screwed! unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. this is not the hate trump media. we're fair and balanced. let not your heart be troubled. lit standing by for the "ingraham angle." laura. >> laura: hannity i love what whoopi said. don't you hate midtown manhattan now? it's all those lounge chairs of people in the summer throwing trasher where looking at themselves in the jumbo tron. it takes an hour to get four blocks. i love what she said. >> sean: they have these bikers. >> laura: it's ridiculous. >> sean: it's a 40 mile an hour zone. they ride in the middle of the street and you've got to follow them for hours sometimes. >> laura: no, no, no, it used to be you could flow down town, it was easy. bloomberg comes along it's like well i have a helicopter i can
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get anywhere i want, any time i want. the little people are going to have to walk or ride bikes like beijing, it's not going to work. >> sean: it's not going to work. it's dangerous, too. take it away. have a great show. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is the "ingraham angle" from washington tonight. we're going to get into the angle in just a few minutes. it's about the court, no one else is talking about it. president trump beating speaker pelosi first at her the own game! well abruptly pulling the plug on her overseas trip and then he blamed it on the shut down. this coming just one day after pelosi made a rather pathetic attempt to delay the president estate of the union address. joining me is ed henry. >> laura, great to see you. air pelosi officially grounded shortly after a return trip from a christmas vacation in hawaii and merely an hour before her trip was supposed to take off on
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what president trump described as a price i public relations trip. she was trying to delay the president estate of the union, and the secretary of homeland security said it did not exist, pelosi was set to use security to the official trip to afghanistan and belgium and whether egypt was included. the speaker would spend taxpayer money on hotels, buses. there was people waiting to take them overseas but pelosi's tells fox news the speaker wanted to thank our men and women in uniform and obtain critical national security meetings. the president brought that bus to a screeching halt with a letter marked dear madam speaker. we will reschedule the serve day excursion when the shut down is over. among the grounded one of the
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president's critics democrat adam schiff, who complained this was a fifth grade stunt by the president. our colleague mike emanuel pressed pelosi on why she is not seeking a compromise. >> don't you as speaker of the house have an obligation to go to the negotiating table? sfrmths the last one we went to it was a setup where the president pounded as he gave himself leverage to leave the room. we're at the negotiating table. >> president trump: while many democrats in the house is senate would like to make a deal speaker pelosi will not let them negotiate. the party has been high jacketed by the open borders fringe within the party that white house aid insists this was not tit for tat, the president wanted pelosi to stay in dc to negotiate. the military aircraft has been put on hold but if pelosi wants to fly commercial they will not stop her. >> laura: what does all this
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back and forth reveal about the media? i'll just show you. this was the media just yesterday, cheering nancy pelosi, when she told trump, in that little stunt, to move his state of the union address speaker pelosi playing hardball she's playing hardball. speaker pelosi nexting her constitutional muscle in nexting her muscles today. she has a ph.d. in need listening president trump this is a move of exceptional cleverness and sadism in a way i mean this is political genius she was showing that she's in charge what a bad "bleep." >> laura: oh my good that could be the best montage of all time. this is the same liberal media when trump delayed pelosi's overseas trip as was well within his right. let's watch. >> the president has responded in sort of a childish way is the only way to describe it, to the
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house speaker nancy pelosi. this is sort of a classic example of trump kind of overreacting what trump has done is tactically inept, any witted the only phrase that comes to mind is nanny, nanny, boo boo, nobody who has traveled would think this is funny, appropriate or cool. >> laura: i like it when jake gets very serious. i like the impartiality. it's even handed, both of them are nexting their muscles. that's what the branches of government do, check each other and try to exert more power. that's how it's always been joining me now to answer the question of who is actually winning, byron york, joel ruben, and jeffrey lord. jeff, pelosi and trump, they're playing the same exact game, each has different powers. who right now has the upper the
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hand? the president has. memo to nancy pelosi and the media. this is the best line i've heard all day from someone else. never troll the king of trolls! and they went out there thinking that they could get away with this stunt. and it was a stunt. he called them on it. now they look like, you know, fools, to be perfectly honest. i mean they've got red faces. this is childish behavior. they got caught at what they're doing. they went and part i did in puerto rico, she went to hawaii for christmas. they're making one misstep after another and this is serious business. they ought to stay there and get the job done. >> laura: byron i have actually a thought on this. the more i've been thinking about the shut down, it's really tough for people that don't get a paycheck, hard for people trying to deal with all that uncertain uncertain uncertainty. as a political matter, i think this plays out a lot like obamacare in the end.
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the longer this debate goes on, the more we see it, whether it was the website crashing or premiums going up, keep the conversation going because then you start seeing people's real cards. you start seeing what they're really playing with. i think jeff's point right there is very on point because if you really care about the people, you would be at least in washington. even if you can't come, you would be here, we've got one more chance at this, let's try it again. but he's here. >> he's been saying that the whole time, through christmas, new year's, through now. i think what you're seeing is democrats think they're winning. over the weekend we had a number of polls that came out that showed significantly larger numbers of americans blame president trump and republicans for the shut down than blame democrats. and believe me if it were the other way around or even equal i do not think democrats would have been doing this. they're doing this because they think they have the public behind them. and trump is going to be blamed whatever happens.
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>> laura: this is nancy pelosi, joel, today, standing by her point on the state of the union. let's watch i'm not denying the platform. let's get a date when government is over. let's pay the employees, maybe he thinks it's not okay to pay people who do work. i don't >> laura: she's not denying him a platform. come on. the state of the union thing, he's going to deliver the state of the union whether at the house or the senate. but that was nancy pelosi doing what she could do to score political points. yet the media today they come along and say oh this is petty and petulant of the president. isn't it like whose ox is being geared here? it's certainly a battle royale right now. nancy pelosi is setting the frame for the discussion and donald trump today pushed back very aggressively and effectively. and i think this doesn't make anybody look good. right now we have a shutdown. we need there to be a negotiation. there needs to be a deal. pelosi is winning on certain points as byron says in the
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polls democrats are in a strong position. but this kind of tit for tat makes washington look bad. >> laura: i'm going to get to who is benefitting from this and how will the media are playing this. they're helping shape public opinion as well. on to the polls, interesting poll came out today which i think shocked a lot of people on the latino vote and supporters. among latinos the president's approval has jumped 19 points during the shut down. what is that all about? 19 points. jeffrey lord we don't know. it kind of kills this narrative that when you're for border enforcement you're going to lose latino voters. dan patrick found that wasn't true in texas, greg abbott tough on the border, they had 41, 42% when they were both elected and their snubs stay about the same. the media is getting that wrong. i want to show this for you. this is washington post yesterday on pelosi. in the two weeks sins she reclaimed the speaker's gavel
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pelosi has moved aggressively to leverage her decades of experience to turned cut trump with swipes at his confidence and even his masculinity. i guess that's, imagine if it was going after someone's femininity? i don't think they would play it the same way. it was a big build up of nancy in politico and the washington post. you saw the montage of these reporters, with their scowls and john highman looks like he lost his best friend. they put on the stern faces and furrowed brows. it's so transparent. i'm enjoying it because it's so transparent, what they're doing well yeah. i mean this is exactly -- this is one of the reasons why donald trump is in the white house in the first place. it's the american people that have seen this kind of game playing going on for years and they hate it. they want something done. he is sticking by his guns and he's doing it. not to go unnoticed here, when these members of congress are in
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congress, what's protecting them? walls. i used to work there years ago, there were no walls. you could walk in anywhere, you could park your car in the capitol. none of that is possible. >> laura: i liked those old days none of that is possible now. every one of them are pro second by walls. so the hypocrisy is mind boggling. >> laura: last night in the angle i highlighted the per initiain addition shows progressive push. we want to shine the light on the media. prominent editorial pages providing cover to the more fringe ideas. in the new york times an opinion piece titled there is nothing wrong with open borders, why a brave democrat should make the case for vastly expanded immigration. the atlantic released this cover story, impeach donald trump, starting the process will reign in a president who is undermining american ideals and bring the debate about his fitness for office into congress
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where it belongs. joel as a democrat does this cover really help your party? people hate the media. they hate us, i guess they hate the media. they hate the media that is the quote objective media when they're not objective there's two kinds of media, reporting media and opinion media. the open borders argument has no space in the democrat party. >> laura: for now? i think there's some space what they're trying to do is create space and say look we need to expand the conversation. but that is policy. >> laura: trump wants a wall, they won't even meet. that's amazing. they're not even meeting. they're adjourning until february byron york, february they're showing up remember there's huge majority of americans favor border security. that's all the democrats are saying. >> laura: they're for border security the reason they're saying they're in favor of it is because americans do want it
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>> laura: hispanics, too on the atlantic piece this is the world's least surprising article. they've been talking about this for a long time. everybody on the left has been talking about it. the idea that it was courageous to call for the president's impeachment is nuts. >> what they're doing is appealing to their base. >> laura: well the base, jeff, that we pointed out last night, it's moving everybody to the left pretty much. you have a few moderates left, steny hoyer and a few others but not many. they're all going to have to kiss alexandria ocasio-cortez's ring when they're running for president, if one way or another they're going to kiss the ring. she's only been in town for seven days. that's amazing can you imagine her in the audience in the state of the union? >> laura: i have a prediction, will the democrats go? if they go will they turn their backs? jeff, prediction real quick
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yeah. yeah. they will turn their backs. they will make a scene. they know the cameras are there. >> laura: they're all code pink now some will. >> laura: jeff absolutely. i think some will. >> laura: you don't want them to the party is not an open borders party yet >> laura: you don't want them to. thank you so much. coming up with the immense power bestowed upon nine unelected justices in the supreme court. is it fair for citizens to expect their full participation? a can't miss angle. my new pod cast just dropped. we have michelle malkin talking with me about toxic femininity on the part of men and how face back book is trying to soil presence pro lifers and what mlk would say today, subscribe today at abouted cast one. pod cast on.
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♪ ♪ . >> laura: questions of life and viability at the high court. that's the focus of tonight's angle. in 1973 the supreme court in roe v wade struck down state laws banning abortion. and liberals then i think thought that would settle the issue. but 46 years later, the country
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is still torn apart about abortion. tomorrow hundreds of thousands of mostly young people will converge on washington for the march for life. they brave the snow and usually frigid temperatures year after year after year to speak for those who have no voice, the unborn. according to a new meris poll released this morning 75% of americans say they would limit abortion to at most the first three months of pregnancy. that includes six in ten of those who self identify as pro choice as well as six in ten democrats. well that means the supreme court is actually out of synch with most americans on that issue. not that any of that matters. because we've given so much power to the supreme court to run roughshod over the will of the people and the states that's become a super governmental force. our framers never intended that unelected judges would have power over politics in our
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culture like this, because it's a question addressed time and again by really smart minds like the great justice antonin scalia regardless of whether you think prohibiting abortion is good or whether you think prohibiting abortion is bad, regardless of how you come out on that my only point is the constitution does not say anything about it. it leaves it up to democratic choice. >> laura: but the decisions have not been left up to the people. in fact the left has long relied on courts to advance a radical transformation of american society on criminal justice, issues like marriage and public justice, criminal justice reform. now that the balance of the high court is shifting, or could be shifting, the stakes could not be higher. now this is part of the reason supreme court battles have gotten so ugly and contentious in recent years. see the difference between justice scalia's confirmation hearing in 1986 and justice
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kavanaugh's 32 years later. >> would you like to introduce your family? you've got a lot of children and they may want to -- they took a lot of trouble to get dressed up and come down town. >> but this is only possible when judges are committed to the rule of law. i would support a broad congressional mandate that is not unconstitutionally overbroad, yes. [ laughter ] shut it down, shut it down, shut it down! shut it down! >> laura: and we've all just kind of gotten used to the circus that the confirmation hearings have become. a packed hearing room with outbursts of protestors. i've heard my side of the aisle call for regular order. i think we ought to proceed in regular order. there will be machine at this of opportunities to respond to the questions that the minority is
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legitimately raising. and we will -- >> mr. chairman, under regular order may i ask a point of order? [ laughter ] >> laura: check out the hearing room during scalia's confirmation. i mean, that's during his confirmation. look at all the empty seats behind him. this is like a couple hours in. i was watching this all afternoon. i relived the whole thing. even justice ruth bader ginsburg admitted that judicial confirmations were never this ugly. >> how would you compare the process that you went through with what's going on today in that process? the way it was, was right. the way it is, is wrong. . >> laura: well she was confirmed
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overwhelmingly in 1993 by a vote of 93-6. scalia was confirmed by a vote of 98-0. now by the way the two had completely different, in most issues, judicial philosophies, but they were really close, really good friends. as a family friend of the scalias i even actually spent a new year's eve with them back in 1986, if you can believe it. it was nice to see those friendships. all these years later the court is still a pretty collegial place, the justices get along, they love each other. because so many on the outside have become reliant on the court instead of congress to advance mostly liberal causes, another potential vacancy comes up and it has all the act visits on edge. politico just published a piece titled what happens if ruth bader ginsburg remains too sick to work? in just the past two months the justice 85 has suffered three fractured ribs and had a pair of
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cancerous nodules removed from her lung. this is not her first bought of cancer. she's beaten it before and the doctors say they expect her to return to the bench next month. well the justice has been lifted by america's prayers and well wishes. she seems to have enjoyed the mystic status bestowed on her by the left. >> she's fears and fabulous and she's still got it it? >> i want to see what your work out is. let's get fully ripped and exploded, let's get shredded, let's get super strong let's go she is one of my role models, she's become such an eye condition would you mind signing this copy the closest thing to a super hero i know. >> laura: well you have movies, documentaries, books, children's books. and let's face it sin i cans say this was smartly designed to set the cultural narrative early. should the time come, make it
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more difficult perhaps for president trump to appoint someone to replace her with a judicial conservative, a temper meant that is judicially conservative, even if that pick is another woman. any time a sitting justice especially at an advanced age is in declining health it raises questions. now i remember because i was watchi watching these hearings closely and watching the announcement closely when justice thurgood marshall handled his retirement back in june of 199 is give us some of the medical facts some of the what? medical facts, what's wrong with you sir? what's wrong with me? i'm old. [ laughter ] rnths i'm getting old and coming at parts. [ laughter ] . >> laura: you remember how democrats made a big deal about president trump's health leading up to his first physical as commander? chief, they questioned his
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stamina and mental acuity, white house physician ronny jackson reported that the president was in excellent health. now there are some asking if it was appropriate to ask questions about the physical condition of the president, and his fitness for office, is it also appropriate to ask similar questions about supreme court justices, beyond ginsburg, all of them? with all the weight i issues facing the high court from immigration to obamacare contra september at this rules the stakes are really high now. as we all wish all the justices long and happy lives, do americans have the right to be reassured that 28 year old law clerks aren't exercising undue influence? especially when the court has out sized powers over matters of life and death? big questions and that's the angle. >> laura: alright. i want to note that all of us are hoping and praying for justice ginsburg's recovery. she's an amazing person. her return to the bench is
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anticipated and her law clerks miss her very much. that said the power of the court does make these conversations necessary. you saw justice thurgood marshall taking on these questions. he actually wasn't uncomfortable. i laughed so hard. i remember that and scott bolton you probably remember it as well. carrie severino from judicial crisis network, i'm delighted you're here. by the way alex swoyer from the wa washington times you've been covering this. alex i want to go to you first. it's uncomfortable. we all hope we're going to get old. we hope we're going to have good health. it's tough it's very tough as a reporter, too, because you don't want to be over. >> laura: insensitive. she's fought back all these diseases, unbelievable. i just marvel at it. but there are, you know, increasing reports if you don't show up for two months oral argument then what happens? right. right.
11:28 pm
the plaolitico article, they started talking about the mental capabilities fading. and i thought you know in connection to ginsburg, is that fair? is that a leap that a journalist should make at this point in time? there the hasn't been any indication that she isn't coherent for example. >> laura: when is the last time she was seen in public i believe it was when she was going to have her surgery. >> laura: she hasn't spoken in public no npr reported she did vote from the hospital hours after the surgery on the asylum case whether or not they were going to -- the trump administration went straight to the court. >> laura: it is an uncomfortable conversation only because the court really has taken on such the prominent positions, gone into areas where mostly it was state legislatures or the federal government. and really thorn i issues. act visits on both sides going what's going on? who is going to be up next?
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well she's not retired yet you're talking about who is going to be up next? what about this? the more the court expands into every area of american society the bigger ticket item it becomes. but you know obviously we're all praying for her. she's getting the best medical care there is to get. right now there's also really the important issues in the other courts. we now have more vacancies than when trump took office in the lower courts, 90 judges that need to be renominated. we've seen bullying and smear campaigns and obstruction from democrats, this is a problem going throughout the system now that we need to be working on i think she meant to add that smear campaigns by democrats and republicans, but i don't want to put words in your mouth. [ laughter ] >> laura: should supreme court justic justices, and this has been written about before, this is nothing unique, should they have to maintain a certain level of health, mental acuity in order to be on the court? all the stories about justices going back the last 150 years
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about justices who could not function who were severely medicated, law clerks doing a lot of the work. i clerked for justice thomas and we've heard the stories as clerks about other justices. should there be a -- some type of concern here in the public? not her just in general generally, sure there should be that concern. remember these are lifetime appointments. there is no litmus test on mental acuity. the other thing that preserves this, if she's incapacitated the court goes on whether even or odd it goes on. >> laura: well if you don't show up, this is uncharted territory, she's never missed oral argument. she is a bulldog on these issues. i mean she is organized, she knows, she's a terrific writer. she doesn't miss oral argument. she never has there were vacancies when justice scalia passed away.
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>> laura: we're not talking about that. we're talking about, again we have these big cases coming up and she is -- she has not retired p what if she doesn't show up for the next oral arguments and the next? i mean we hope she does, what if she doesn't? there's a broader question of where she can vote from home, work from home? i think they need to stay in great health obviously mental acuity, with the lifetime appointment -- >> laura: hugo black once said justices who do not come into the court and can't participate put huge burdens on the rest of the court. it's not just about you, at some point. that's what thurgood marshall got. this is a funny clip. thurgood marshall was asked a question about when he decided today retire. watch justice when did you make the final decision to retire? when did you come to this decision? i don't have the slightest
11:32 pm
idea! [ laughter ] >> laura: the whole place burst out laughing. he's like i don't know. but he thought it was time for him to go. and he was -- but he was funny, he was holding court there, but he's like i'm getting old. i don't know i kind of like that idea of going out on top. like you go out on top and give the press conference, i thought that was cool am i adding value to the job whether in the law firm? >> laura: if you're not showing up in oral argument -- how can you vote? >> laura: right i think we all have that, that we want to add value. when we don't, you don't want to go on the office that's even worse. if you can't it's time for you to retire. >> laura: this is going to be a bruising confirmation battle. we played the clips and the young people getting rbg, no tore use rbg tattoos, books and documentaries. sandra day o'connor didn't get the books, not quite as much. it's going to be worse than
11:33 pm
kavanaugh perhaps? it could be. we're seeing so much bullying already in the even lower court nominees, just imagine what this is prepping here. she was such an if trail blazer. she talked about she thinks people should be treated better, i would hope out of respect for her own perspective you would say let the process worthy of justice ginsburg. if you really think she's such a model let's take her words and try to be more civilized >> laura: she didn't like what she saw. but scalia, 98-0, she got confirmed 93-6, it was just so fun to watch the old scalia confirmation. it was empty. people not going to it he was smoking a pipe. >> laura: i loved the pipe. bring back the pipe. he loved to listen to opera and smoke the pipe. let's play for fun, there was another moment do, we have it tomi, another moment during the scalia confirmation, asked about
11:34 pm
an issue which is relevant to the march for life the tomorrow i would find it very difficult, i was saying in that article, to strike down a provision on the basis of substantive due process. >> laura: yeah, he went on. he was asked about the larger question was about abortion. he said 14th at mend pment, does it have two layers? well -- why was no one there, though? that's amazing compared to what it is today that is incredible >> laura: the first day were his kids that filled the yeahed against. the most fun thing about that, we have to do this on a show. in the background you saw tony or john podesta, all these people young, sitting behind all the senators, biden and kennedy, and howard metsenbaum. oh, no, the hatch was really young. [ laughter ] mcconnell is really young. it's wild. it's like memory lane here.
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great panel. we wish her the very best. up next the entitled teen calling the cops on her dad and the untold story of that viral gillette ad. raymond arroyo here, special thursday edition of the follies, next.
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♪ ♪ . >> laura: it's time for, what, thursday follies? well [ laughter ] >> laura: under the circumstances a special edition. whacky say? what about that bizarre gillette
11:39 pm
ad? what was that really all about. is it stealing if you take your kid's cell phone away? plus jan turns into januharry. joining us raymond arroyo, fox news contractor, new york times best selling author of the upcoming smash will wilder. gillette is facing a little bit of back harbor serious back lash for this ad oh, yeah it's been going on far too long. you can't laugh it off what i actually think she's trying to say making the same old excuses boys will be boys. boys will be boys, boys will be boys but something finally changed men need to hold other men accountable wow! sweet i. come on to say the right thing, to act the right way not cool because the boys watching today -- will be the men of
11:40 pm
tomorrow when did selling razors turn into a scolding of men? the tag line is the best a man can get. this is the worst ad a man can watch. laura a lot of people saw the ad, copied it sent it around. in 2011 gillette learned that 30% of their kufrt percent were women who use the men's razor, with beards making a comeback guys aren't buying the raise sources but women might. they devised the men might need to change campaign to attract the women. the director was a woman, she's directed short films on toxic masculinity and celebrating female genitalia. we won't show that. compare that to the original the best a man can get ad from 1989. watch the you're looking good, you've come so far. we know how to make, the most of
11:41 pm
who you are ♪ ♪ fathers and sons, it's what we've always done. ♪ gillette the best a man can get ♪ the best a man can get so, okay. >> laura: you can't show traditional marriage at all apparent will i the best a man can get is married with children. >> laura: being sensitive this new ad, the new version is menace a with us. you are bad, that line of the guys at the barbecue pits, boys will be boys, imagine a summer ease eve ad with a bunch of ladies barefoot in the kitchen. people would be offended. a lot of men are offended by this stereotype >> laura: television has been doing the men are dumb and stupid the media has been telling us that for decades. >> laura: what it is, they think
11:42 pm
women are attracted to the apple guy or whatever, i'm sure the verizon guy. >> laura: i'm sure they're sweet people. but i don't think so you don't call them -- >> laura: we asked the 20 something's out here which ad they liked better, they liked the original ad. 20 something most of them wanted to take a razor and slit their throats. in the 80's and 90s they were selling mass skew lint to men and women. watch these ads i don't need some fancy cologne to tell me i'm a man, it cools and tones my skin. confidence is very sexy, don't you think? i dare you to knock this off. i dare you to compare anybody's batteries, anybody's, with alkaline power cell. you know what? you can't. come on, i dare i can't the tough guy. >> laura: so cute. oh my gosh
11:43 pm
women were attracted to him. men want to be like that, they want to be strong. i love jack pallance. >> laura: it's so great i know what it takes to be a man. love that. >> laura: so advertisers trying to feminize men right, while women are going in a different direction. last week tem nifrts launched this campaign to raise awareness about the oppressiveness of traditional norms. they encouraged women to grow out their body hair throughout the month of januharry. women have taken to in at that graham. lord help me. >> laura: wait a second she has really harry legs. this is why petty coats and long skirts >> laura: bringing back the hoop skirts are we arroyo? this is nasty, i'm sorry. i guess the idea is to make women as unappealing to men and vice versa. that's what the dynamic is here. why would you do this to yourself? >> laura: i remember in college, it was a big deal when you
11:44 pm
traveled overseas in france and russia, places that at thises, that women didn't shave. it was a cultural thing they didn't shave but people were grossed out by it is it legal to take your child's phone away? some south euclid ohio cops were called when an entitled teen made this call 911 what is your emergency my father took property which is an $800 phone that doesn't belong to him. the cops show up at the door after his daughter called and left their body cams on. i took the phone. she's a juvenile. i don't want her to have it. she won't let me the inspect it so i took. it's my property. i never asked him to take it guess what? everything that you own, belongs to your mother and your father. they have don't want you to have it, you don't have it. having a phone is not a right it's a privilege. you don't need a cell phone. >> laura: the other police officer said you want your phone
11:45 pm
back? start listening to your parents it's not a right. >> laura: the police have so much on their hands and now they're having to give life at vice good for that father, intervening and taking the phone from his daughter. he's worried about the apps where she's hiding things from him. he the doesn't want that going on. >> laura: there's a weird image, interesting image that showed up, chad tweeted it out, the march for life is tomorrow, the sent center stone it looks like a eucharistic host. you can see the cross. >> laura: you can see a cross. no one had seen that before? i've never seen that before. >> laura: people are saying it's maybe -- a sign. >> laura: -- a sign we'll see. >> laura: coming up european leaders lob insults at president trump over cozy relationships with putin. we ask who is really engaging in russian collusion? us ambassador to germany rick grenell joins us exclusively to
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♪ ♪ >> right now there is a question, a sizable chunk of america, whether donald trump is working on behalf of russia. whose side is the president on? russia's side or our side?
11:50 pm
he wants to give russia every item on its international wish list. putin has a president of the united states who performs back flips on command. >> laura: gosh they have to be better than that. i mean come on guys. if that were the case, now why is the president warning european leaders and threatening them with sanctions over a proposed russian pipeline project called north stream two? we've talked about this on radio, on the pod cast and on t.v. the project would make much of europe dependent on russian gas, if trump were best buds of putin why would he stand in the way of russia having this huge infusion of cash? joining me now u.s. ambassador rick grenell, totally jet lagged staying up plate for us. great to see you in person mr. ambassador. what part of this story are the american people not getting if they're emersed in that kind of
11:51 pm
media? look i think you look at the facts, and this president has been very tough on the russians. at the same time it's a dual track approach which i think is beginning to be kind of the trump doctrine which is this dual track. we're gonna base our policy in reality but we're going to also offer the ability to be idealistic. if you change your behavior, maybe we can have some sort of talks. but just look at the facts. we've been very tough on russia. the president has been extremely clear that this gas pipeline from russia, going into europe is the wrong idea. by the way the president is with most of the european union. the euro opinion parliament. there's 18 european countries that have stood up to say we don't think that more russian gas in europe or germany is the right way to go. we want to diversify in europe.
11:52 pm
he's standing with the european union. >> laura: he's getting hammered day after day after day, drip, drip, drip, mueller and all that. you see the president being towa tarred with this he's not for nato. he is a businessman and he wants us to support nato but he wants other countries to pay their fair share. today i know a lot of ambassadors are in town. he was at the the pentagon and he talked about nato today. let's watch. >> president trump: we cannot be the fools for others. we're gonna be with nato 100%. but as i told the countries, you have to step up. you have to pay. minimum numbers, actually, that they set a 2% goal. very few pay that. but they should be much higher than that. look at what we pay. it's massively higher than that. countries are now stepping up. they can well afford to. the. >> laura: okay so he says all that ambassador grenell. then you have congressman
11:53 pm
gregory motion from new york going on television and saying this >> he is a guy that filled believe if you talked to him three or four years before running for president he probably didn't even know what nato is. but now, you know, he has devalued nato and the eu to such a degree that it is plausible to me that he would have had this back door conversation with vladimir putin about the withdrawal from nato [ laughter ] >> laura: i was like oh you've got to be i did canning me? this is rank speculation. the cnn reporter is nodding, kind of oh, yeah, good point look the reality is that the president is strengthening nato. we've had the same policy for decades that countries should be raising their spend. they should be meeting the nato the commitment of 2%. they have ignored us for a very long time. president obama had the same policy. raise your spending. they ignored us. but now, countries are beginning
11:54 pm
to raise their spending. so i would argue actually laura r. the person who tries to reform multi lateral organizations is the one who cares the most about them. rather than ignore them and let them adrift, let them not deal with today's threats, let them not have -- let them have members that don't pay their bills. if you allow that to happen, i would argue that you actually don't care about those agencies. but when you do the hard work of engaging and trying to reform agencies, exactly how the president is doing it, then i think there's an argument to be made, he is the one who cares more about nato because he wants it to work better. it clearly needs reforming. >> laura: what is it like for you? as ambassador to germany? one of our most important positions. you had quite a splash right in the beginning when you first assumed the position. german media goes after ambassador rick grenell. here is one of the headlines,
11:55 pm
trump's ambassador finds few friends in germany. rick grenell attempted to interfere in domestic politics, he's become isolated in the german cap cal. do you have no friends? do you need a visit? i think there's a very good argument to be made that president obama was wildly popular in germany. >> laura: you think? but the german government killed his testimony. tip, ttip, they didn't return the nazi prison card. >> laura: ttip is the trade deal obama's signature trade deal. the nazi prison guard, the obama administration asked for a very long time to have him returned. we've been asking for a very long time for defense spending to be raised and the north stream two pipeline which was all started under president obama. i think the tough talk from president trump is working something she liked a weaker
11:56 pm
united states. they loved a weaker united states we want a stronger relationship, we're forming it, be pushing and trying to get both sides. >> laura: i'm glad you're there and i'm glad you stopped by. thank you for fighting jet lag to be here. rick grenell. an important day tomorrow, but will the media cover it? stay there. .. that's embarrassing go in for your annual check-up, and check in physically and emotionally cigna. together all the way. do i have to do the age part? okay we can't guarantee, you'll find gold on your wild west vacation... but we can guarantee the best price on that thar rental cabin or any hotel, home, boat,
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yurt, whatever. ♪ just don't get carried away with the wild west thing. hey guys. get the best price on homes, hotels and so much more., booking.yeah
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>> laura: tomorrow hundreds of thousands will descend on
12:00 am
washington for the pro-l >> hundreds of thousands will descend on washington for theif pro-life much, longest march in us history. it will likely get a squib article in the washington post but that's okay. they are standing for those who can't speak for themselves, most defenseless among us and it is amazing and the young people showing up, we are all with you. millennials, largest group of american voters are not in lockstep with democrats on abortion, 41% said they want roe versus wade overturned, 710 said they support blocking abortions at 5 months of pregnancy and ending government abortions, they are not for that. i hope the media pays attention but that's all the time we have to night. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. >> we begin with a fox news alert. could be? a democratic lawmaker floating the question could there be problems securing super bowl liii


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